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Thalia Su


Hello, I'm Thalia (she/her). I am a user experience designer with four years of experience in the field of design. I am proficient in front-end web design, and I'm interested in accessibility and user research. I seek to create products that are genuinely helpful to others.

I strive to discover user needs through collaboration and Agile work methods. I have organized journey mapping sessions in the past to guide development of user flows and information architecture. I frequently iterate prototypes after receiving feedback or completing user testing.

Most of my work involves using a prototyping app like Adobe XD but I can also design graphics or code web designs.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL

Materialize, Semantic UI, Angular

Design Tools
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, InVision, Miro

SASS, Flexbox, Git, Sourcetree, Unity, Anime.js, Wordpress



UX Designer, Design Interactive
Sept '19 - Feb '21
Compiled style guides, created wireframes/mockups/prototypes, & conducted user testing & journey mapping sessions
QA, Eleven11 Group
April '19 - Sept '19
Handled cross-browser quality assurance testing & WordPress content entry; managed social media accounts for several companies & created website mockups
Data Entry, Textbook Solutions
April '18 - '19
Provided friendly customer service & stored important textbook & course information in company database


Graduated from UCF
University of Central Florida - Fall '18
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media
Bachelor of Arts in English
Graduated with Burnett Honors Distinction
GPA 3.7
Designer, Sparks Mag
Jan - May '18
Designed a 3-page spread for print issue no. 14
Editor-In-Chief, Sparks Mag
Jan - Dec '17
Coordinated with writers, photographers & designers to produce two print issues focused on Asian & Pacific Islander American culture & identity
Secretary, The Fencing Knights
April '15 - Dec '18
Managed communication & recruitment. Created 1st public TFK Facebook & Instagram, plus social media graphics


iPad displaying user interface of user profile for IMITATE.

Design Interactive

As the primary UX Designer for the Performance Augmentation team at DI, I worked extensively on a couple projects, one that focused on effective skill acquisition, and another that sought to assist users with navigation.

Sparks Magazine

Sparks is an Asian & Pacific Islander American magazine offering students APIA representation and a platform to discuss social issues. For issue no. 14, I designed for print and social media with InDesign.

Fencing Branding

For The Fencing Knights at UCF, I created social media graphics & designed their t-shirt for the 2nd annual Black & Gold competition using Photoshop.

Magical Girl

I combined knowledge from creative writing and web design to write a media analysis of the "magical girl" subgenre & customize a site using Materialize CSS’s grid & components.


I worked on a small team to create a mashup of BandsInTown & Google Maps API for a UCF course. I coded JS, PHP & SQL to validate & store user info in login, registration & profile forms.

Change the Weather

In order to better understand CSS animations, I designed a fun, weather-themed side project.